Genucel Face Serum for Laugh Lines & Mouth Lines



Introducing the new genucel Face Serum for Laugh Lines & Mouth Lines!

The #1 problem area voted by our customers is laugh lines and mouth lines.

In true Chamonix fashion, we deliver products that you want with formulas that work!

Our genucel Face Serum uses advanced skin care technology in a lightweight, silky serum for results you can see right before your eyes. This luxury formula uses the breakthrough power of Relaxoderm Technology to smooth away the appearance of laugh lines around the mouth area that last 15 to 24 hours. This unique blend of ingredients is fast absorbing and also effective, natural, and safe for all skin types. Your smile will look younger and revitalized in minutes!

What You Will See:

  • Results in Minutes
  • Visible disappearance of laugh lines
  • Healthy, supple skin