Genucel For Eye Bags And Puffiness with Eyeseryl® Technology



Our incredible under-eye treatment.

Botanical extracts and antioxidants take our active ingredients to the layers of the skin that need them most and alleviate under-eye bags and puffiness. 

In clinical testing, participants using only 1% of Eyeseryl® saw the appearance of puffiness under their eyes greatly reduced, even after only 15 days – 70% of the volunteers saw an improvement by Day 15. At the end of the test, 95% of the volunteers had shown improvement in the appearance of bags & puffiness under the eyes.

In the classic Chamonix tradition of ingredients, genucel® also contains DOUBLE the clinical concentration of Eyeseryl®. genucel® contains 2% of Eyeseryl®. Eyeseryl® is a natural peptide shown to help reduce the appearance of puffiness around the eyes.

genucel® was specifically formulated to help reduce the appearance of bags and puffiness under the eyes!